Staff-Application Template

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Staff-Application Template

Post by Admin on Wed Jun 17, 2015 9:04 am

2015-06-17 09:02:43'
You Must Follow The Layout, if not you will be instantly denied. You Will get an answer in 1-2 days. Please do not bug staff about your staff application. If you post an application and it was denied, you can try again in 2 weeks.

First Name:

Skype Username: If you Have One Do you have a mic?

Age: (ATLEAST 11)

How did you find the server:

Why do you choose to become staff on StormingPvP:

Why Should We Pick You For Staff:

What Can You Do For The Server:

Have You Ever been banned if so why:

What Staff Rank Do You Want:

Thank you for applying at StormingPvP


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