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Forum / Server rules

Post by Admin on Wed Jun 17, 2015 9:05 am

1. Stick to the topic. Please stay on the thread’s topic when replying to an existing thread. If you don’t see an open thread about something you’d like to discuss, please open a new thread.

2. Keep it civil. Debate and disagreements on points of substance are okay, but personal attacks, hate speech, petty bickering, trolling, and thread hijacking are not tolerated. By choosing to be civil, you make the discussion better for everyone involved.

3. Be helpful and supportive. We’re all here to learn, so please be constructive when providing feedback. Harassing, threatening, or intimidating other Hubbers is against our Terms of Use.

4. Spread the word. Encourage Hubbers seeking help to visit the Forum to find solutions to their problems or just to chat and unwind.
The Forums are for discussion, not self-promotional link-posting. We encourage you to avoid posting promotional or irrelevant links, be they to Hubs or external sites in which you have a vested interest. The two places where we do encourage you to post links to your Hubs are in the HubChallenges section and the Improving Your Hub section.

5. No cross-posting. Posting the same message to more than one Forum or thread is seen as spamming.
Be honest about your identity. While we don't prohibit having more than one HubPages account, we ask that you stick to a single persona in the Forums. The deceptive use of multiple accounts, especially in a single thread, is prohibited. The use of secondary accounts to circumvent a Forum ban is also prohibited. This type of behavior is also known as sockpuppeting.

6. Please use normal English. DON'T USE ALL UPPERCASE FOR YOUR TITLES OR IN THE BODY OF YOUR POST. It comes across as shouting. Also avoid txt msg abbreviations.
Avoid signatures. Please do not sign your posts and especially do not sign your posts and include a link to another site. A link to your profile page is included with every post, and you can put information about yourself and links to sites you'd like to promote on your profile page.
Only use the report button on posts you think break the forum rules. Please do not report posts just because you do not like them.
Server Rules
1. No spamming in chat

2. No advertising

3. No Griefing

4. No Spamming

5. No Advertising

6. No Cursing/No Constant Cursing

7. No Trolling/Flaming

8. No Banned Items

9. No Asking for OP, Ranks, or Items

10. Respect all Players

11. Obey Staff There the Law

12. No Racist or Sexist Remarks.

13. No Mods/Hacks

14. No Builds Near Spawn


More rules may be added so keep checking this post.


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